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Pension Scheme E-Filing

Pension Returns to HMRC

How e-filing of Pension Returns works?

E-filing of Pension Returns to HMRC

  • First download the respective spreadsheet template from our website.
  • Second populate your pension return details onto the spreadsheet and then save it as a CSV file.
  • Third upload it to our system and we will automatically convert it into an XML file and e-file it for you.
  • Fourth is download or print out the successful e-filing certificate.

Pension Scheme

The Pension Returns e-filing we provide include the following:
  • Accounting for Tax (Pension Company)
  • Accounting for Tax (Insurance Company)
  • Pension Return (Occupational)
  • Pension Return (Non-Occupational / SIPP)
  • Pension Amend Scheme
  • Add Pension Scheme Administrator
  • Associate Pension Scheme Administrator
  • Change Scheme Administrator/ Practitioner