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iXBRL A/C Test In Live (TIL)

iXBRL A/C Test In Live (TIL)

To achieve 100% perfect iXBRL Accounts Tagging is very simple. After you have completed your iXBRL Accounts tagging you simply upload the accounts to the www.1 server through https. 1 2eFile will automatically check if the tagged iXBRL Accounts have any syntax errors and if the tagging is well formed. If there are any items which do not comply you will be instantly notified on the fly. If you pass this first step check your files will be automatically further submitted to HMRC's TEST IN LIVE (TIL) service for further checking on your actual tagging to ensure complete compliance.

this is how it works
Test In Live Vs Live E-filing:

HMRC's TIL validation checks on the iXBRL tagging are exactly the same as those used for live submissions. This is because both the LIVE and the TEST iXBRL data are effectively submitted to the same HMRC iXBRL server. If you pass the TIL test it means your tagging is 100% perfect and there will be absolutely no issue when you come to make a live submission. The only difference between HMRC's TIL and Live submission service is that the data you submit to TIL will not be saved into HMRC's back end

Error Corrections:

A failure report detailing all the errors you made will be provided if your iXBRL Accounts tagging contains errors. You can use the error report to pin point and make all the necessary corrections. After correcting the errors you can repeat the same testing process mentioned above until you can see a TIL perfect return success certificate.

1 2eFile's system is platform independent and will work with any system, accounting package or tagging tools you have. Two different types of validation tests are provided:

Type 1: Accounts Tagging Alone

This test helps you to achieve 100% accuracy in your Accounts Tagging alone, without you needing to provide the Computation & CT600. This is particularly useful for companies providing Accounts Tagging services for clients. It is proven and well used by our clients, including one of the UK's top four consulting & accounting firms.

To be able to do the test a developer needs to apply to HMRC for a software developer test credential (i.e. a User ID, Password and a dummy UTR No). The message class used for the TPVS test is exactly the same as the one for live e-filing, but the TPVS test server is hosted separately

Type 2: Accounts Tagging together with Computations and CT600

A complete CT return test, which includes all the CT return documents, namely iXBRL Accounts, Computations of the Accounts in an iXBRL format, and CT600 & CT Supplements in a CSV or XML format. We will provide the necessary template CT600 data and convert all the documents to HMRC's required format and submit to TIL. This test will give you the confidence that all your CT returns are perfect and ready to go once you decide to submit them Live.

LIVE Submission Services:

Designed with an excellent work flow and a comprehensive approval process our system allows your clients to approve your tagged data, if required, before you submit the return Live. The system will issue you with a Success Certificate, including the indisputable IR Mark, to give you 100% certainty that the job has been well done.