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12eFile is a HMRC and Pensions eReturn e-filing specialist providing an exceptionally user friendly and cost effective fully cloud based e-filing system allowing you to e-file every document you need to HMRC, Companies House (CH) and leading pension providers.

Whether you are making eReturns for CIS 300, MTD VAT, RTI payroll, Pension, or iXBRL Accounts, etc, our system will help you to complete them with ease.

The 12eFile cloud based system has built in data exchange intelligence, is platform independent and will support whatever ERP, payroll, pension or other financial systems you use, regardless of version. Many Oracle, SAP, other ERPs, as well as other financial systems have been using our cloud based system happily for the last 11 years.


We provide the range of efiling services listed below. Please click on the links below to find out more.

MTD VAT E-Filing

1 2eFile's intelligent server will allow you to send your eReturns to HMRC using a simple CSV or XML file.

RTI E-Filing

We take data security extremely seriously and are ISO 27001 accredited.

CIS E-Filing

e-filing your CIS300 data to the HMRC or getting CIS Verifications from HMRC

Pension Scheme E-Filing

One of the most reliable pension scheme e-filing facilities in the market

iXBRL A/C Test In Live

To achieve 100% perfect iXBRL Accounts Tagging is very simple. After you have completed your iXBRL

XBRL A/C E-Filing to CH

House has granted us official recognition for offering these services.

Company Incorporation

objective is to give users/Agents the convenience of being able to form a new company using the Internet from anywhere.

Company Secretarial Services

House requirements and Companies House has granted us official recognition for offering these services.