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eReturn Services

1 2eFile provides eFiling of various returns to HMRC, as well as the rectification of errors in data you may have already submitted to HMRC. This specialist e-filing system is exceptionally user friendly and cost-effective. You can send your returns or rectifications within minutes once you sign up to create an account with us.

You can quickly submit or rectify your RTI Payroll, Pension, CIS300, MTD VAT or iXBRL Accounts, etc. with our system once you sign up and create an account with us.


We provide the range of efiling services listed below. Please click on the links below to find out more.

CIS E-Filing

e-filing your CIS300 data to the HMRC or getting CIS Verifications from HMRC

RTI E-Filing

We take data security extremely seriously and are ISO 27001 accredited.

P11D, P11D(b) and P46(Car) E-Filing

E-file your P11D and P46(Car) easily through the 1 2eFile's web-based on demand system.

Pension Scheme E-Filing

One of the most reliable pension scheme e-filing facilities in the market

HMRC eReturn Errors Rectification

Rectify your RTI, PENSION and CIS Payment data errors up to past 6 years

MTD VAT E-Filing

1 2eFile's intelligent server will allow you to send your eReturns to HMRC using a simple CSV or XML file.

Agent Authorisation

Designed to streamline and simplify the process of requesting client authorisation or reauthorisation.

Interest Restriction Return (IRR)

It includes a summary of group details and calculates any interest restriction or reactivation.

Charities Online

You can utilize the Charities Online service provided by HMRC to file and claim Gift Aid for your CASC

iXBRL A/C Test In Live

To achieve 100% perfect iXBRL Accounts Tagging is very simple. After you have completed your iXBRL

CT and iXBRL A/C E-Filing to HMRC

We provide data conversion intelligence to convert your CT600 and its supplements into a XML format

iXBRL A/C E-Filing to CH

Companies House has granted us official recognition for offering these services.